The Importance Of Backlinks

The backlink is one of the important terms used in the Search Engine Optimization or SEO. Many new blogs or website owners struggle to understand the concept of backlink. In this article, we are going to explain the backlink in simple language. To tell in simple words, a backlink is an incoming link to a specific website. For example, if website B links to a target website (A). Then B is called a backlink of website A.

A website can have many backlinks. In the past, backlinks were considered as very crucial for SEO. It plays a huge role in making the target website rank well in the search engines. A website or webpage with lots of valuable backlinks tends to rank well in the SERP. Now let us look into some of the terms associated with a backlink.

Link Juice

Link juice refers to the passing of benefits from website to the target page or website. For example, if a popular or well-ranking website is linked to your website content, then it will pass the link juice to your website. With increased link juice, your webpage content will rank well in the search engines. If you do not wish to pass the link juice from your website to another, then you do it with the help of no-follow tag.

No-Follow Link

A no-follow link is created with a nofollow tag. Webmaster use this tag, when he does not want to contribute anything to the linking website.

Do-follow links are the links that can pass the link juice from one website to another. By default, all the web pages are do-follow.

Internal links refer to the links that go from one page of the website to another. This process is also called as interlinking.

Anchor text is the text that is used for hyperlinks. The anchor text is mainly used to improve the ranking for a specific keyword.

Before knowing the advantages of backlink, you should know the changes of trends concerning SEO. In earlier years, websites were able to gain the benefits by getting the backlinks, even from the poor-quality website. However, the trend began to change after the effect of Google’s Penguin algorithm. Now backlinks can be beneficial, only if it comes from the quality website. Now let us look into the importance of the backlinks.

Backlinks can help to improve the organic ranking. It also helps your website to get indexed by the search engines quickly.

When you want to build backlinks for your blog or website then you should keep few things in the mind. You should always get backlinks from quality and relevant website. For example, if your blog or website is about the cooking recipe, then you should get backlinks from the website that is related to cooking. Instead, if you are getting backlinks from a music website, then it will provide no benefit.

The quality website refers to a website that has better ranking and content. For example, getting a backlink from the poorly ranked website can be harmful to the target website. There are many tools available on the Internet to help you find the list of backlinks.

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