Google Analytics Guide To Calculate Exit and Bounce Rate

With the advent of digital marketing, Google analytics has become a significant tool for all the digital marketing companies. For maintaining a website, one needs to drive some traffic to it. For measuring that and other related statistics, Google Analytics is the tool we need to use. People who are in the digital marketing space must have heard about bounce rate and exit rate. Knowing about these terms is not enough as calculating them and taking appropriate steps to reduce the statistics is very crucial to the growth of a company in the digital space. Let us first start by understanding what these stats are and then we can move on to the calculation and remedies for the same.

Bounce rate is a percentage that denotes how many users enter your website and immediately closed it without surfing to other pages of your site. You can call it as one-page session or a visit. Bounce rate can significantly affect your ranking in the searches engine. People have to be encouraged to spend as much time as possible on your website if you want to get a good Google ranking. Visitors staying on your site is indirectly related to the satisfaction you offer to your client on the website. Happiness comes from quality product, easy UI, and many more factors.

For calculating the bounce rate, we need not do anything manually as they are automatically calculated by Google analytics tools these days. However, knowing the simple formula will cause no harm. For calculating the bounce rate, we divide the total number of visits that viewed only one page by the number of entries that are there for the page. The final amount you get is the bounce rate. Bounce rate can be prevented by making your website an interactive one with lots of fancy products to grab a visitor’s attention.

Every user that visits your website exits from a specific page. It does not necessarily need to be the home page. It can be any page on the site from which different visitor’s exit. The calculation requires to find out which page sees the highest number of exit rate. Accordingly, some changes can be made on that page to keep consumer on it for a more extended period of time without exiting it.

These two rates are an essential factor in Google Analytics. Since it is a very diverse field, it is not possible to discuss all it in just a few words. Nut, exit rate, and bounce rate are two factors often ignored by digital marketers. The case needs to be different as by reducing these two rates a business can significantly increase the chances of gaining a top search engine ranking. As discussed earlier, quality and ease of use are the two main factors that decide what bounce and exit rate your website faces.

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